BackpackBot is the only TF2 Discord bot you will ever need.
BackpackBot has many commands for things such as price checking TF2 items and
retrieving trading related profile information.
If you have any issues or feature suggestions, feel free to ask for help in the official Discord Server.
BackpackBot is written using discord.js by Cruzercru, the code for BackpackBot can be found on Github.



Command Description Example
b?invite Get an invite link to invite the BackpackBot to your server b?invite
b?server Get an invite link to the official BackpackBot Discord Server b?server
b?server-info Get information about the current server b?server-info

Team Fortress 2

Command Description Example
b?tfpc Get the current price for any non-unusual TF2 item b?tfpc hat to kill
b?tfupc Get the current price for any unusual TF2 item b?tfupc Aces High ; hat of cards
b?tfcurrency Get the current value of different TF2 currencies b?tfcurrency
b?tfprofile Get TF2 relating information about someone's Steam profile b?tfprofile https://steamcommunity.com/id/cruzercru/
b?tfstats Get statistics relating to TF2 about the current server b?tfstats

OP Skins

Command Description Example
b?opcs Price check a CSGO item from OP Skins b?opcs awp asiimov field tested and b?opcs stattrak glock bunsen burner field tested


Command Description Example
b?stn Price check any item from STN.tf b?stn strange hat to kill

Server Owner Only

Command Description Example
b?setchannel Set a specific text channel BackpackBot can only send messages to b?setchannel and b?setchannel none

Convinced You Need BackpackBot?